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About Us

North of 49 Wellness Solutions is based in British Columbia Canada advertising through health, trade and homeshows all throughout Western Canada.

We have been in the Health & Wellness industry since 1995 creating solutions for healthier lifestyles and longevity. Our customers are raving fans because we prioritize quality, integrity and service.

How we got started – A close family member has gone through a number of health challenges in recent years, thankfully with good results….. However, he is no longer able to walk longer distances. This impacts his life negatively, getting left out and we helped find a solution for him. He definitely did not want “a medical looking” scooter or wheelchair so then the question was ” Well, what then?”….

After some research & consideration and checking with his extended medical plan he bought a SmartScoot & it absolutely changed his life! He had “one of his best summers in the past 10 years”- this due to being able to join family at events, travel more and go and experience life again outside, and without restrictions-  And, we have seen SO many more smiles from him already…

Adventure More, Live Better

Now. Think of your quality of life / your mobility and think of the activities you miss.
Once you have that image in mind, add in the flexibility of a SmartScoot & live better.

North Of 49 Wellness Solutions

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Easily folds down to fit in nearly any trunk.


The rear wheels are adjustable(a UNIQUE feature).

Speed Settings

3 speed settings (a UNIQUE feature) and reverse.


The most comfortable seat on the market.


Up to 19 km on a single charge.

Weight Capacity

Up to 300lbs rider and cargo included


FAST recharge 1-3 hours. Life- up to 700 charges.


Durable, attractive, & fun looking Scooter!


Solid, no flat tires to worry about, ever


Unique front wheel drive for better traction on inclines. 

Disc Brakes

Superior stopping power, and without sliding sideways 

Cane and Umbrella Holder

Included for FREE