Hello Shawn,

The scooter is easy at the PV airport, as there is lots of walking to do.  Taxis in PV are very easy to get and the scooter fits easily into any car trunk.  The roads are rough cobblestone, the sidewalks are OK, depending on where you are.  We took the taxi to and from the Malecon, where the sidewalks were very wide and easy for the scooter.  I did not need to use the scooter at the resort, as it was smaller and so I managed walking.  This was our trial run for the scooter in Mexico.  We did not do any excursions this time, as many have walking on rough terrain. Many years ago, we did the excursions, when we could walk the terrain.

I am inserting a photo of me on the scooter on the Malecon.

Enjoy your trip to PV

Best wishes,

Peter Bergen

Peter Bergen
Taking A Trip

Hi Shawn and Tanya. We’re back from our cruise And what a time it was. On the previous cruise I had to push Pat on her walker to get any where quickly but Smartscoot changed all that. Pat had freedom of the ship. At check in we boarded quickly as we did not have to wait for someone with a wheel chair to board us. With the wheels set in it easily went into the cabin. When we went ashore in Lahaina the crew just pick it up and put it on the tender. When we were on shore I widened the wheel stance and we explored Lahaina in luxury. We did have one small problem. We were stopped often to answer questions about Smartscoot. So we let several people try it and gave out about 15 of your business cards. We most heartily recommend you folks and Smartscoot. Thanks for making Pat’s life so much better.

Gary & Pat
Another Great Cruising Experience

Happy New Year!

I checked before we started the cruise on Royal Caribbean and found out all there cabin doors were a minimum of 24 inches.  So, on the narrowest axle setting I never had a problem fitting through any doorway.

The cabins are not that big but it wasn’t a problem fitting the scooter in with us.

It was great experience boarding with the Smartscoot. The cruise line treated me as if I was in a wheelchair and I was able take the shortcuts that are available to the handicapped. They were helpful on embarkation and debarkation.  At the ports of call the ramp was pretty steep but I was able to negotiate them.  Sometimes with a little assistance.

I was able to keep up with my family with the Smartscoot and my youngest granddaughter loved to ride with me.

Mel S from-  Lloydminster, Alberta Canada

Mel S
A Cruise Review

My SmartScoot is the best investment I’ve ever made.  Recent health conditions have me unable to walk due to complications of diabtetes.

 As a young person, I hate missing out on life.  One of the biggest things was taking my dog outside and now that I have my Smartscoot I can go anywhere and best of all my dog can come with me!
It’s giving me my sense of independence back not having to ask people to do things for me.

My insurance company paid for the majority of my scooter and aside from getting my drivers license 20 years ago this is the next best day of my life…. getting my scooter.  Thanks Tanya & Shawn for introducing me to my scooter, it really is life changing!

Shannon S
I have my Independence Back